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Blue Star R&D CO.,LTD
Ultrasonic cavitation applied system manufacturer


Innovative Ultrasonic Cleaning and Ultrasonic Deburring

Consider introducing an ultrasonic deburring cleaning systemto reduce labor costs,to stabilize quality,andto strengthen your international competitiveness.

As COVID-19 rages on, many companies are reviewing their processes to strengthen their international competitiveness in anticipation of the aftermath of COVID-19 being quelled.
Deburring is one of the most labor-intensive and unstable processes in all manufacturing industries, including manufacture of various precision processing parts, manufacture of precision molded products, and manufacture of electronic parts. If you ignore the reduction in man-hours and automation of deburring, the business competition will be severe after COVID-19 sedation.
To automate deburring, stabilize quality and strengthen your international competitiveness, Blue Star R&D has the solution for you.Consider installing an ultrasonic deburring and cleaning system. This system has already been installed by many major automobile manufacturers, and is now playing an active role in unmanned production lines for engine blocks.
Ultrasonic deburring and cleaning system is now spreading rapidly around the world. The following are standard machines for various deburring and cleaning systems.

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