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Ultrasonic Barrel Finishing, Cleaning and Drying System

To Reduce labor costs, to stabilize quality, to strengthen your international competitiveness.
Freedom from the hard work! Wastewater treatment is also not required !Even the designer is unexpected! Miracle automation system

Ultrasonic Barrel Finishing, Cleaning and Drying System, VEGA-DBR Series


This is the world's first ultrasonic barrel finishing system.
No media is used, only liquids, such as water, and strong ultrasonic waves are used for deburring, finishing and cleaning.
Since it does not use media, many ultrasonic barrel operations are light work that can be done by women rather than heavy labor. Wastewater treatment is also not required. Place a hexagonal rotating basket on the entrance conveyor and press the push button SW for automatic start. After barrel polishing exit conveyor. Since powerful ultrasonic cleaning is also performed at the same time, no post-cleaning is required. It can greatly reduce man-hours and cost. If you cannot believe it, please try our test.

Target Materials

This is the world's only ultrasonic barrel finishing system that can remove burrs after machining and precision molding of metals, ceramics and their composite materials, as well as wash them at the same time.
We are already active in the fields of watch parts, electric car parts, and various machine element parts (e.g., retainer of a bearing, etc.), and we are proud of our achievements from 1000 to 25000 pieces at a time.

Cleaning Agent

Water, pure water, water-soluble rust inhibitors, hydrocarbon solvents



□□□indicates DBR, DBUR

□□indicates frequency, 20KHz is 20, 25KHz is 25.

□□□□ indicates ultrasonic output

□□□is depth of liquid, which is 75mm, 105mm, 138mm

is S for hydrocarbon-based safety increase and internal pressure explosion proof.

Ultrasonic output




Hexagonal rotating cage shape (example)
* Diameter(mm) x Length(mm)

250mm x 300mm

300mm x 400mm

350mm x 500mm

Some models can be used for multiple small baskets at the same time.

Maximum capacity




Ultrasonic generator and transducers



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