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Cavitation enhancement system Fully Automatic Cleaning System
VEGA-EH Series 2-tank type to 9-tank type(40 models)

Cavitation enhancement system Fully Automatic Cleaning System, VEGA-EH Series


If a cleaner doesn't clean well, it's just a box.
This is a general-purpose, fully automatic, ultrasonic cleaning system with the world's strongest cavitation enhancement system.
We propose the best cleaning system for our customers by combining pre-cleaning (degreasing), strong precision cleaning, rust prevention, drying, etc.
Both ultrasonic barrel polishing and vacuum drying can be incorporated as required. This is an ultrasonic cleaning machine offered by Blue Star R&D, a manufacturer of ultrasonic deburring machines.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology that also manages dissolved oxygen in liquid, backed by experiments and ultrasonic cleaning theory.
In 1993, the stratospheric ozone protection award was given by the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and the ultrasonic technology bloomed after 20 years. It has evolved. We take care of your work, conduct experiments, and share data with you. We guarantee the quality and mass production capacity to meet the customer's requirements. We provide full technical guidance after delivery. The delivery of an automatic machine is not the end of the line. It is just a beginning. We will work together to meet the changing needs of our customers. Consider installing a crystal of the best in ultrasonic technology.

Target Materials

This is fully automatic cleaning system after machining and precision molding of metals, ceramics and their composite materials,.

Cleaning Agent

Water, pure water, water-soluble detergent(weak alkali), water-soluble rust inhibitors, Liquid coolant, hydrocarbon solvents
We choose the best cleaning agent for our customers. We do cleaning test with the reasonable price and the most safety detergent.



□□□indicates EH,EHⅡ

□□indicates frequency, 25KHz is 25, 40KHz is 40. if it has both, please write 20KHz.

□□ First □ 0 indicates transfer between tanks by manual, 1 indicates by auto. Second □ indicates a number of tanks.

□□□□Please write the maximum output tank frequency

□□□depth of liquid, which is 25KHz for 75mm、105mm、135mm、165mm、225mm 40KHz for、85mm, 122mm, 160mm, 197mm Please write the maximum depths

is S for hydrocarbon-based safety increase and internal pressure explosion proof.. . S is indicated even only one tank is used flammable solvent

Ultrasonic output






Shape of Basket
* W(mm) x L(mm)

300mm x 200mm

400mm x 300mm

500mm x 360mm

600mm x 400mm

800mm x 400mm

Maximum capacity






Ultrasonic Generator and Transducers



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